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What do a blind person's eyes look like?

There is no blind people around me. I just wondering. What does a blind person look like? Any idea?
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  • Alexander green


    Blind people are so poor, at least I think so, for they cannot see the world, the beautiful colors, the charming flowers. Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors. The World Health Organization defined blindness as a visual field of less than 10 degrees in 1972. Their eyes are no any expression and colors. Some eye features even change gradually day by day. And the eye balls may occur gray and white. I think most of us have seen that some blind people always wear black sunglasses to avoid eyes be seen. I ever made a deep searching online and hold consult with an oculist and found out several ways to cause blindness: childhood blindness, glaucoma, dry eyes, cataracts and trachoma. So keep eye health is an essential thing. Plus, please not stare blind people, or they will get further hurt and keep bad mood.
  • Logan


    It is really hard to answer. I mean no respect to discuss this here to the blind people. As to what does their eyes look like, it is depending on what caused their blindness. If the blindness is caused by cataracts, the eyes might be opaque white. It is possible that the eye socket is sunkened for no eye ball is the socket. One of my aunty has a blind eye due to injury to that eye. It is opaque and cloudy. You can Google some pictures to look, because there are too many possibility of the looks.
  • Andrew


    Actually the blind person has no big difference with normal people with healthy eyes at the eyes. Their eyes are just with no lights when they see things because of no reflection. However if the person gets blind because of the trauma, they may leave the obvious scars or something at the eyes. We should help people with blindness because they will be difficulty in doing many things.