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Thailand to release video in Chinese about going nude in public

aren't getting nude in the loo! Thai government to release instructional video in Chinese after 'offensive' image of tourist stripping in the ladies at Bangkok airport goes viral Viral image of topless woman in Thai airport toilets caused public outcryNudity in public is recognized as by many in Thailand to be offensiveMinistry of Tourism and Sports to release video about proper behaviourTopless woman said in original reports and post to be a Chinese tourist By Michael Gadd for MailOnline

advertised: 11:17 se 'vrrle rrtre, 9 March 2015 renovated: 11:49 se 'vrrle rrtre, 9 March 2015

Thailand officials are set to release a two minute animated video in Chinese to discourage tourists from taking their clothes off in incorrect places when on holiday.

The move follows a public outcry after an image of a woman going topless in the common area of the toilets at at Don Mueang airport terminal in Bangkok while getting changed went viral.

Although the nation has a good reputation for vibrant red light areas, Public nudity is strictly forbidden in Thailand and even taking one's clothes off in the relative privacy of the women is apparently considered by locals to be offensive.

the picture that caused a public outcry of a woman changing in the toilets at a Bangkok airport

The woman in the picture is said to have been Chinese, even if this cannot be verified, And while the incident raises barely an eyebrow with many when shared on English speaking sites the woman who took the photo was vilified more than the woman changing the Thai government felt moved to act.

Another woman in the toilets took the very best image and posted it to the Facebook page of CSI LA with the comment: 'Chinese vacationers are terrible! I saw a small grouping of Chinese tourists stripping in the ladies' room. Some were nude, Some endless. quite disgraceful!or,--

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the, that features since been shared widely on social media platforms, Shows only one woman and her reflection in the mirror it has since been faraway from the site.

A spokesperson for Don Mueang airport confirmed the incident took place there but was keen to not blow the incident out of proportion.

A spokesperson for Don Mueang international airport in Bangkok confirmed the incident happened there

'In fundamental, Chinese tourists in Thailand are well behaved and have brought substantial revenue to the. If we see something incompatible, We'll issue a warning or impose a penalty on a case by case basis,' the airport stated.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is going a step further with a video telling holidaymakers how to behave in their country, And instructing them to keep their clothes on, Set to appease public outrage.

The video will be posted on travel blogs and tourism websites as this week in a move they hope will go some way to ending some Thai locals' animosity towards Chinese visitors.

Anek Srichiwachat, Head of the Thai tour operators Association (TTAA), Asked Thai people not to share the photo any further due to the danger of offending the Chinese.

A open beach in Thailand, Where nudity on beaches is regarded as offensive to locals

'The Chinese government has made a campaign telling its citizens how to behave when crossing abroad. The campaign might _a href= for chinese woman_/a_ reach exactly the big cities.

'As the internet host, We must nicely warn them. We will not berate them by sharing the photo,' Mr Anek says

Public nudity in Thailand is illegitimate and it's considered disrespectful to locals mostly Buddhist or Islamic to go topless in public.

yet still, There exist several naturist resorts in the country such as Chan Resort in Pattayawhere guests must agree to abide by international naturist rules of etiquette.
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