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Does obesity cause glaucoma?

I just want to know if obesity people have higher risks of glaucoma than common people? Why or why not?
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  • Austin


    Glaucoma is a kind of eye disease that can that can account for optic nerve damage in the eye, types of glaucoma ranging from open angle, narrow angle, low tension, secondary to congenital. Causes of glaucoma vary but quite a few studies have reached the conclusion that obesity is closely related to people’s high risks of getting glaucoma as well as cataracts. Why? We believe that eyes are very delicate and sensitive and the excessive blood pressure caused by obesity is directly accountable to the appearance of glaucoma. Glaucoma caused by obesity can not be treated easily unless sufferers lose weight and fat by keeping a regular and healthy lifestyle.
  • Miranda clark


    Yes, it is really true that the obesity people will have higher risks of getting glaucoma than common people because the obesity people will easily get high pressure which is the main reason for the glaucoma. You should keep the good diet with more vegetables which will keep your eyes moisture. You should also have the good rest for the eyes.
  • Alexia gerard


    Yes, obesity makes it a higher risk of developing glaucoma than other common people. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease which would lead to blindness with no cure. There are many researches and resources pointed out people who are significantly overweighted are at much higher risk of developing glaucoma. Obesity people are more likely to have high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and so on. It is not easy for obesity people to do exercises and they have bad blood circulation. The bad blood circulation in the eyes would cause eye problems. Meanwhile diabetes might cause secondary glaucoma. Actually we all know that obesity is very bad for health. It is better to control the weight. Do more exercises to live a healthy life.