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James green


How to tell if your eyes are too close together?

I just want to know how to tell if my eyes are too close together? Any idea?
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  • Jessica


    Hello, it is estimated that the average distance between your eyes is actually the length of 1 eye. But it really depends on the proportions of your face , as well as how your features harmonize. But remember, even your eyes are closer, if they can still work fine, there's no problem and you can use some makeup to solve this problem. For example, you can wear your hair down and cover the sides of the face, it is simple and will make your eyes look not very so close. Have a try and good luck!
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Based on the scientific research, the normal eyes distance should be between 4.43cm and 6.25cm. Or else, your eyes will be too close together if they are less than 4.43cm. The eye spacing is related with genetic and skull bones development. Usually most people will not have such problems. If you have such problems, it is born to be which could not be changed easily.