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Will yellow eyes go away?

My eyes appear yellow. Why? Will it go away as time goes by? How can i clear it?
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  • elstrider


    Your eyes appear yellow means the white part of your eyes take on a yellowish tinge. It has been said that yellow eyes are a typical consequence of jaundice that can happen to infants, children and adults. Normally yellow eyes will not go away as time goes by because as we know most yellow eyes are indicative of liver problems which are necessarily in need of professional medical care. To avoid more serious problems I think you'd better go to the hospital to have your body carefully examined and treated. As long as the underlying problems are solved, your yellow eyes will go away once and for all.
  • Tyler george


    You should firstly know the reason of your yellow eyes. If it is because of the liver problems, it will not go away with the time and no treatment. You should keep the good diet every day and have the good rest now. In addition, you should also use the medical care to treat it and make the recovery soon.
  • Janice


    Yellow eyes usually a sign of some liver problem, kidney diseases. If you treat it in right way, those problems can eventually cured, but it mat take a quite long period of time. If you recover healthy body, and quit smoking and drinking, Your yellow eyes shall go away theoretically. But i am not sure. You can consult your doctor and ask for some good treatment to help you.
  • eminentpraise


    As we all known, the pigmentation of the eye's iris and the frequency-dependence of the scattering in the stroma of the iris decide our eye colors. Eye color is permanent so that you must take some artificial ways to change it if you want to do. Well, if your eyes change into yellow, the most possible factor is something wrong with your eyes or liver. The famous one factor is jaundice. When the whites of our eyes and possibly our skin develop a yellowish color, which is commonly called jaundice. Jaundice makes our eyes yellow, sometimes even our palms and soles of the feet may become yellow. Plus, it is said that too much vitamin A in body will also cause yellow in eyes and skin. There is no any effective way to reduce yellow in your eyes except medicines and surgery.