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Does manuka honey work for eye stye?

Can manuka honey help people who suffered from eye stye? How does it work?
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  • Alexa


    I hear that the manuka honey is originated from the trees which grow in primeval forest. It has certain mold resistance function, so it equips the abilities of sterilization and promotes healing. It would heal the disease of stomachache usualness, weak lung, cold easy catcher, dry skin, constipation etc. As for the stye, is also called blepharitis, is the acute inflammation of glandula sebacea or tarsus. The stye will be two kinds of it, one is external the other is internal. Poor personal hygiene and weak healthy person will be easily to get such eyes disease. I guess the manuka honey have no bad to the stye, however, the normal method of treatment to stye is like the follows for your reference, we could apply partial hot compress, when the fester runs out, the disease will be recovery. If the symptom is serious, the surgery would be providing to treat the disease. If not, some eyes drop and erythrocin eyes ointment will be enough to treat it.
  • Gabriella rupert


    Mānuka honey is a mono-floral honey produced in New Zea land and Australia from the nectar of the māIuka tree. MāIuka honey is used in medicines for many years. MāIuka honey may help improve superficial burns. Methylxanthine (MGO) is the major antibacterial component of māIuka honey. All these substances in māIuka honey can help with kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. So it is possible to help with eye s tye.

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