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Can makeup cause eyelashes to fall out?

IS it possible to lead to eyelashes fall out because of makeup? How that could be happen?
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  • Melanie


    As we all know, eyelashes will protect the eyes from gust and irritants, besides, the eyelashes will also be a symbol of beauty and youthfulness. However, you will alway find that your eyelashes are falling out. Yes, it is a common problem just like our hairs fall out everyday. Also we should know there are many reasons that will cause our eyelashes fall out, such as makeup. If you often makeup, you should know that the eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadow will increase the stress to the follicles where the eyelashes emerge. Besides, because of the makeup, our eyes are more likely to get dry eyes, then the dryness will cause brittle eyelashes conditions, which result in the eyelashes fall out. Of course, apart from the makeup, there are some other reasons, including the dieting and friction. If you find your excessive eyelashes fall out, then you just need find our the reasons and then the problem will disappear.
  • catchingthought


    No matter how to treat your eyelashes with makeup, tinting or false eyelash or curling, it just like the make up to the hair, if a person use the hair often with chemical makeup and do nothing to nourish it, what will happen? The process of makeup will hurt the eyelashes even the eyelash follicle. As the life span of makeup is very short, if the follicle damaged, the next generation's eyelash will be affect with the root. However, for the beauty appearance, you can pay attention to the care with natural products, it will be better for the growth of the eyelash. You know the most beautiful staff is the natural one. Please cherish the one that god gift to you. As for the natural beauty of eyelashes, you would use some cream made of plants oil to apply on your eyelash, insist for some days, and the nutrients will nourish your eyelashes. The effect will be more natural and healthier than the artificial one!
  • Danielle lewis


    Eyeliners, shadow, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions contain numerous chemical substance, which do harmful to our eyelashes. With a long time using, the substances in skin can make chemical reflection with matters in cosmetics that is really bad for eyes and eyelashes. Although these things can make girls have length, thickness and fullness natural eyelashes, they still have side effects on eyelashes loss. And eyelashes also may fall out by rubbing eyes violently. With time flies, eyelashes will loss because of poor growth ability. Plus, honey and ginger can help with eyelashes growing in a safe way.