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Makayla raphael


Does witch hazel work for eye infections?

Can i get help from witch hazel when i get eye infection? Why or why not?
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    Witch hazel is a magic stuff which can be helpful when your eyes get infection. They can help you to reduced the dark circle under your eyes. You can use some witch hazel essential oil to relieve your eyes. Put the a drop of witch hazel essential oil in humidifier. Or you can use them as tea. They won't lead to eye wrinkles.
  • cherrytop7


    Yes, witch hazel can help reduce eye infection. Because it has astringent properties and will be very helpful for eye infection. Some eye drops contains witch hazel can soothe eyes that are sore, injured, or inflamed, and it is useful for reducing swelling. There is also some healing ingredient in witch hazel, so eye infections may can be treated with witch hazel.

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