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Can an optometrist detect macular degeneration?

I just want to know if optometrist can tell if people have macular degeneration? Can S/he give me some suggestion?
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  • b3l0ng524nna


    Hello, they may not. Macular degeneration is age-related and some people over 60 are easy to get it. An optometrist is an eye doctor who examines patients to make certain they can see well and it is true that they can diagnose some common eye problems, but it is really hard for them to diagnose macular degeneration, so if you notice symptoms of macular degeneration, you should go to see an ophthalmologist.
  • Kimberly quick


    Yes. an optometrist can detect macular degeneration. People, especially for people over 40 are suggested to get an regular comprehensive exam yearly. By the exam, your optometrist can successfully detect eye diseases for you. Generally speaking, optometrist can detect many eye disease include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts etc. If you really suffer eye diseases, you can treat and control it early.
  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Actually the optometrist could just observe the difference of your eyes. He or she may give you the suggestions of going to see the doctor to check the real problems of your eyes when he or she sees something abnormal. When your eyes get yellow, he or she may firstly judge whether it is caused by the liver problem or others. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly for aging macular area structure.