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Why does kirk hinrich wear goggles?

It seems that kirk hinrich like to wear goggles. Do you know why? What are the benefit of wearing goggle?
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  • handsdown9871


    Wearing goggles can definitely can him much more cool. However, the main reason for him and for every player is the protection the goggles can provide. It is pretty dangerous for the professional sports player with near-sightedness to contest with others. But, wearing glasses can be more dangerous, so they never wear glasses. They even seldom wear contact lenses because it's not safe as well. So, goggles with prescription is the best choice for him. And, there are plenty of choice for him to keep him cool.
  • california_lovv


    Some people may think he just wear the goggle for a special look in he game. In fact, I have read an article that it is said that Kirk Hinrich wearing goggles for protect eyes. And he said "I had an eye exam and it was recommended that I wear them, just for protection". If you like to play basketball and have some eye problem, maybe you can also get help from goggles with the guide of your eye doctor.
  • Anthony cecil


    Well, looks like you are very interested in Kirk Hinrich, who is one of the most famous NBA stars in the United States. Generally speaking, he does not wear anything for he has no myopia and he does not like glasses. But during some special period when he got injured, he would choose to wear some goggles to protect his eyes and that is totally understandable and necessary. You could also get a pair of them at a good optical store.
  • Avery Drennon


    Kirk will go blind in his left eye if he gets hard enough again.Hell i wear goggles, a pair of M Frame oakleys for the same reason. There was a lot more to the article about him getting hurt.Turns out he got hit hard enough to mess up his optic nerve.
  • crazyforluke


    As we all know that Kirk Hinrich is an American professional backetball player who was recommend by his doctor that the goggles will protect his eyes. As to Kirk Hinrich, the goggles will keep him from the hitting of the blackball and the unavoidable attach from other players. The goggle play an important part in his career life.