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Kevin percy


Why are snowboard goggles so expensive?

It is expensive for me to buy a pair of snowboard goggles. Why? Is it worthy?
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  • Sue


    Yes, usually snowboard goggles will be more expensive than other goggles. Because first the quality of them are highly required since they can bear all kinds of pressure and impacting from skiing. And the design of their style is quite expensive, most of them have all kinds of "bells and whistles", which will be very nice. Also, they have good durability.
  • crystaljade


    You need to know that both ski and snowboard are extremely dangerous. The snowboard goggles have to be tough enough. And snowboard goggles can keep people from snow blindness. By the way, I think all sports equipment aren't cheap, because the quality has to be assured. People would like to purchase the expensive stuff to keep them safe. I bet this is one of the reasons of the high price.
  • Michelle


    The expensive price of the snowboard goggles is reasonable. The special function of snowboard goggles will own the high price. When you wear the snowboard goggles, your eyes will be prevented from the snow blindness. It is durable to use. Thus, it is worthy to own the snowboard goggles when you go to have the snow activities.