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How to get rid of puffy eyes due to allergies?

Can eye allergies help people with puffy eyes? Can you tell me how to treat it?
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  • leigh sehr


    Puffy eyes when eyes are full of fluid being trapped in the tear ducts and surrounding delicate skin layer. Puffy eyes can be the result of eyestrain, lack of sleep, crying, allergies, or some irritant that has found its way onto the surface of the eye. You need to remove the allergen from the space. If dust or some other irritant has caused puffy red eyes, use artificial to wash the irritant away. Then you may need to massage your eyes with olive oil.
  • Holly


    Well, yes, puffy eyes can be caused by allergies. So you need to pay more attention to allergies in your eyes. According to some researches, puffy eyes can result from illness, hormone fluctuations, allergies, and, exhaustion. And generally speaking, when it occurs, your eyes will be itchy, red, and swollen to the point of discomfort. To get rid of it, you can try some vitamin supplements. For example, Besides, Vitamin A can help to repair damage to deep skin tissue that may cause eye puffiness due to inflammation. Also, warm compresses can be effective too. So just have a try. If your situation is becoming serious, you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Angelica giles


    Yes, the eye allergies will make you cause the puffy eyes. You should treat it well through several home remedies. You need to use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should not use the eyes too much time in front of the computers. At the same time, you should eat more food with vitamin C to make your eyes feel moisture.

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