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Can salt water help eye infection?

I heard that salt water can help eye infection. Is that true? why?
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  • castlemedic


    The answer is true. In some respects, the salt water can really help relief the symptom of eye infection more or less. That is to say, honey is also a good medication when your eyes are infected. As we all know, eye infections usually resulted from the bacteria, virus or microbiological agent. According to the expert, salt water, which has antibacterial properties and acts as a humectant, will eliminate the infection and provide soothing relief. Thus, if your eye infection is a little serious, you can mix moderate salt with boiled water to make a solution.Owing to a little irritant the salt water is, low consistency is better. Then, put the solution around your eyes and you will see the changes shortly after.
  • gerard


    Salt water may help eye infection because it's a little bit like physiological saline. Which can reduce your infection then release your eyes. However, you'd better use physiological saline if possible. Salt water can be a little tough for eyes. They may cause other discomforts to eyes. Here is my suggestion, you can use some artificial tears with specific medical usage.
  • Ern


    Yes, it is true that salt water can help eye infection. You can bath with salt water because salt can dry out wounds, disinfect skin diseases and help reduce swelling. What's more you can do gentle swiping, which can loosen and remove debris in your eyes and begin to remove the infection.