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Does milk help burning eyes?

Can milk help people with burning eyes? If so. How can i use it to treat my eyes?
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  • Alexa


    Milk is very moist, it contains a protein which can make release your burning eyes. Drink milk or wash and soak the affected area with milk. You can wash you eyes with milk then rewash eyes with pure water. Later, close your eyes for a while. If you still feel burning when you open your eyes, you'd better soak your eyes in the milk for seconds. Then clean your eyes.
  • Mya


    Yes, milk will help people with burning eyes. Every 100 grams of milk contain fat 3.1 g, protein 2.9 grams, lactose 4.5 g, minerals 0.7 grams and 88 grams of the nutrition physiological which occupies an important position. Milk contains human growth of all the essential amino acids and other amino acids. The human body protein amino acids have twenty kinds. Human body itself can't synthesis which is called essential amino acids in the protein. The milk protein digestion rate can amount to 100% and beans contains protein digestion rate is only 80%. The milk could make you add a lot of vitamins. Your eyes will become bright and clear after drinking milk. In order to cure your burning eyes, you'd better have the good rest after taking some milk. You could do the warm compress to release the burning eyes.
  • campbell


    Well, yes, milk can be helpful to treat burning eyes. Generally speaking, milk is used in many ways, but we can also use it to protect our eyes, especially when someone suffers burning eyes. In my opinion, you can just get a soft cloth with cool milk, and then put the cloth under your eyes. In that way, it will be effective. Also, you can have some cold compresses, and put some cool ice or cool cucumbers on your eyes. In that way, it can relieve your symptom and make you feel well. Also, you should eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables which provide lots of antioxidants, especially vitamins A and C and then do a good job to your symptom. Anyway, just have a try.

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