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patrick young


I'm 14 months post lasik and still have dry eyes. Is this permanent?

In Dec. of 2011 I had intralase lasik my prescription was -4.5 in both eyes with minor astigmatism. I heard that dry eyes are supposed to health by 6 months. I'm twice that now :( does this mean its a permanent condition?
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  • Eric


    Dry eyes is normal post lasik syndrome because lasik surgery may damage lacrimal gland. And this is no way to cure this post syndrome. But there some people that are can recover for sometime after using some eye drops. Usually, for most people who took lasik surgery, they use eye drops to keep moist of their eyes when they feel eye dry.
  • Brooke peters


    Eye dryness is a very common complication of Lasik surgery. Actually, it is a common complication of intraocular surgeries. According to some reliable sources, about 20% of patients claimed to continuously experience dry eyes six months after the surgery. While some studies say about 30%-50% patients who had Lasik surgery have dry eyes for more than one year. While FDA warn people that Lasik surgery might cause serious eye dryness syndrome, which could be chronic or even permanent. You can check by yourself. As to the eye dryness, I suggest you to use a humidifier to add moist in the air at your home or in your office. Dry air can worsen your syndrome. Use some artificial tear to lubricate your eyes if necessary. If it is ok, try to use some lukewarm saline solution compress on eyes, which can clean and lubricate eyes as well as warm the oil in glands of eyelids.