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Brandon cook


Can i go to work with an eye infection?

I got eye infection. And my eyes feel so bad. Is it OK if insist to go to work? Will it make eyes more serious?
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  • christy9589


    It depends, if it's really serious, you'd better not go to work. Once eyes get infection, they can easily get serious when people over use their eyes. So stay at home, relax, then you can recover soon. By the way, it wouldn't be that harmful, if you go to work. But you should be careful, do not get your colleague get infected. No matter what, you need to keep your eyes clean, then use eye drops to facilitate your recovery.
  • Caroline hill


    Hello, it depends on your condition of your eye infection and what kind of work you are doing. If your work needs a lot of eye using and those works need to do carefully, and the eye infection has put some impact on your ability to perform your job, you may give up going to work and have a rest. For you, you said you feel very bad, so you'd better stay at home.
  • leigh sehr


    The answer is totally no. you can not go to work with an eye infection. I advise you should go to work until you are fine. Because an eye infection is a highly contagious disease and it can spread by direct contact with infected people. For your situation, you should avoid touching the eye area and keep washing your hands often. The essential tip is not rubbing your eyes with your hands, wearing sunglasses is a good choice. Meanwhile, don't share towel, basin, handkerchiefs or something like that with your workmates, friends or relatives. Have a good rest and supply enough and various nutritions to your body. Neverthless, if the symptom get worse, you'd better go to the hosptial to have a professional eye check soon.

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