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Do fluorescent lights cause eye problems

How can fluorescent lights affect on eyes? Does it lead to some eye problems?
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  • Daniel christian


    Yes, fluorescent lights can affect on eyes and it can lead some eye problems. Because fluorescent lights are much brighter than other incandescent bulbs, so your eyes are under great burden to bear it. You eyes may feel painful if you watch it for a long time.What's more, this kind of strobe-like flickering effect can cause eye strain, which will affect your vision and cause some other eye problems.
  • Mya


    We have to contact with fluorescent light in our daily life, which is inevitable. However, it can cause problems for those with light-sensitive eyes. Not only does it bad for our eyes, but also bad for our whole body. Chronic headaches, pain and blurred vision are a few of the symptoms associated with eyestrain caused by fluorescent lighting. Eye strain is the most commonly seen problem, eyesight dropping is the secondary.
  • Linda


    Yes, the x ray in the fluorescent lights will affect the eyes which will lead to the redness of the eyes. Your eyes will get tired easily. You need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could also use the eyes drops to release the symptom. You'd better protect the eyes carefully. You should better not be in the condition full of fluorescent lights.

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