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Danielle lewis


Can a stye affect your vision?

I suffer style on my eyes. It looks ugly. I just want to know if the eye style affect my vision if it become more serious?
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  • csky4


    A stye is an indication of an infected eyelid gland, with a pimple or abscess forming on the upper or lower edge of the eyelid. In general, the eye stye does no harm to the eyes and rarely affects them. But if it becomes more serious, it may affect your vision, making you have difficulty in seeing things clearly. Under such circumstances, you can apply warm compresses over the affected area four to six times a day, and ten to fifteen minutes a time, or you can also soak a clean washcloth in the warm water and then wring it, and put it on the eyes to relieve the symptoms. You can also use some prescribed antibiotic ointments or steroid ointments to treat it. During the treatment, do not wear contact lenses and eye makeup. And do not rub your eyes with your fingers and do not press or squeeze the stye in case of bacteria infection. Wash your hands often and dry them with a neat and tidy towel. Wish you better soon.


    No, normally a stye won't impact your vision. Stye is the acute eye infection which happens for the blocked glands on eyelids. Glands on eyelids are responsible for tear production. Tear is composed of sadium water, lipids, mucus, protein and anti-bacterial agents. Once the glands blocked, oil builds up in the glands and forms a bump which is red, painful and itching. It will not impair the vision of patients. But it is annoying and ugly. I suggest you to apply some warm compress on eyes, 20 minutes each time, and 3-6 times per day. Warm compress could effectively help rupture of the stye. It is recommended by many people as a good remedy for stye. You can also get some antibiotics ointment and pain medication over-the counter to relieve the symptoms and speed up the recovery.
  • Miranda


    The stye in the eyes is also called blepharitis, is the acute inflammation of glandula sebacea or tarsus. As for the reason of the stye, it is just because your sebaceous gland of tarsus or eyelash has staphy lococcus infection. The stye will be two kinds of it, one is external the other is internal. Poor personal hygiene and weak healthy person will be easily to get such eyes disease. As for the way to get rid of it, we could apply partial hot compress, when the fester runs out, the disease will be recovery. Of course it would affect the vision if it gets seriously. Please never squeeze the lump, or it will be dangerous to get irritation. If the symptom is serious, the surgery would be providing to treat the disease. If not, some eyes drop and erythrocin eyes ointment will be enough to treat it.
  • Tammie Shuman


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