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Can vitamin d deficiency cause blurred vision?

I heard that vitamin d is very important for eyes. And someone thought vitamin d deficiency cause blurred vision. Is this true? Why or why not?
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  • Jada


    Anyway it is true that a lack of vitamin D could give rise to a lot of problems with your eyes, such as decreased vision, blurred vision, even some eye infections such as cataract. So, you must try to supply with your eyes various kinds of vitamins on a regular basis and get a balanced diet. More importantly, try to make good use of your eyes and get proper rest and more exercise.
  • george


    Yes, vitamin D is very important for both body and eyes. It is possible for you to get the blurred vision if you have the vitamin D deficiency. In the body of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, vitamin D plays an important role. Thus the vitamin D deficiency will be related with many diseases. It may affect the calcium phosphorus metabolism which has a close relation to the body. The influence is systemic in the whole body. Its outstanding performance is rickets or osteomalacia. When you have the disease at the whole body, you will find that the eyes may become dry easily. The dryness of the eyes may easily cause the blurred vision. You'd better intake the food with vitamin D. The Vitamin D mainly exists in animal liver, egg, yolk and skim milk. You could also get the vitamin D from the cheese, nuts and seafood. You could just eat more to make you feel comfortable and have the bright eyes.