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Does corneal scarring affect vision ?

Do you know if scarring corneal affects vision? Will it make my vision poorer?
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  • Ryan warren


    Well, yes, corneal scarring can affect vision. As we know that corneal is the important part which can be related to eye vision. And generally speaking, scarring of the cornea may occur as a result of various conditions, including injuries and infections of the eye. When it occurs, it may turn the cornea opaque obstructing the light rays from falling on the retina. So people with corneal Scarring may have variable degrees of vision problems. What is worse, total scarring of the cornea may lead to blindness. Anyway, you need to pay more attention to your eyes.
  • evelyn


    Yes, the scarring corneal will affect the vision. Although the scarring corneal will heal on its own, it needs your special care. You should protect the eyes by having the good habit and rest. Thus, the scarring corneal will be recovered soon. You'd better eat more vegetables these days and not smoke or drink. You should even not wear the contact lenses which will cause the eyes to be dry in the serious situation which may affect your normal vision. You could also use the eye drops to make the eyes keep moisture and clear. The warm compress will also do benefits for you.
  • Jonah


    Of course, it does. The cornea is a transparent and clear membrane protection layer on eyeball. It is transparent so that the light could travel through and focus onto retina, which is how we can see with eyes. Any scarring of cornea will make it opacity. Once the cornea becomes opacity, light can't travel through and focus on the retina, so the vision is impaired. Imagining with covered camera shot, can you take any picture with it? This is why corneal scarring would impair vision. According to some report, only new born infants could grow the corneal scarring off. As to other people, once the scarring impacts the vision enough, a surgery is required. So doctor will have patients after intraocular surgery to wear sunglasses to avoid corneal scarring.

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