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Do you have to wear sunglasses during a lunar eclipse?

What's the affect on eyes during a lunar eclipse? Do i have to wear sunglasses? Any suggestion?
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  • Anthony


    Firstly, I would like to explain the theory of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse in a dimpliest way. Lunar eclipse, is when the globe move to the middle of the sun and the moon, the globe block the sunlight that beams to the moon; solar eclipse, is when the moon move to the middle of the sun and globe, it hides the sunlight that shine to the globe. So, they are totally different! The lunar eclipse, as the light is not too strong to damage your eyes, you could watch it without sunglasses; the solar eclipse, you must use something to hide your eyes from hurt. Because of the tiny rays of lunar eclipse, with the hide of sunglasses, some of the process you may not observe its detail, so the sunglasses are unnecessary!
  • Robert ja


    The moon is a special kind of astronomical phenomenon. When the moon moves to the earth's shadow parts and gets in the area between the moon and the earth because the sun was covered by earth closed, you will see the moon missing a piece because the earth, the moon and the sun are just in the same line. The eclipse of the moon can be divided into partial lunar eclipse and total eclipse. The eclipse of the moon will only be possible in the before and after 15. Although there is no need for you to wear the sunglasses because you will see not see clearly through the lenses, you could still wear it to protect your eyes from the strong lights which may stimulate your eye nerves. You could use the telescope to see clearly the amazing scene. However you should look it for a long time which will make your eyes become tired.
  • Kaylee


    I think you have got a great chance to enjoy lunar eclipse, which is one of the most amazing stuff we ever have. Speaking of myself, I have got an opportunity to watch a lunar eclipse without a pair of sunglasses or anything else, and that was quite safe, because moonlight is far less strong than sunshine, anyway, you could set your mind at ease and enjoy the show.

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