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What is the relationship between myopia and glaucoma?

Can glaucoma make myopia more serious? Or what is their relationship?
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  • Sharon Field


    Well, generally speaking, glaucoma actually is related to a group of diseases. And in some degree, it can cause damage to the optic nerve because of increased pressure within the eye. And according to some researches, a severe eye infection, injury, blocked blood vessels or inflammatory conditions of the eye can lead to it. You should remember that it can be hereditary. On the other hand, for myopia, when you get myopia, it will be hard for you to read at a close distance, even if you are very young. And the myopia can develop at 20 years old. And then, what is more, it is a leading cause of blindness. By the way, myopia can be related to glaucoma and cataract, which can affect both vision and ocular health. So in some degree, it can be dangerous.
  • Robert


    For I know that glaucoma can not make myopia more serious, instead, myopia is a common eye disease that more likely to develop glaucoma, even lead blindness. Many students have nearsighted, while, they do not known that if the nearsightedness left untreated, it can easily cause some serious eye complications, such as glaucoma, and retina detachment, and even blindness.
  • Christian george


    Yes, glaucoma will make myopia more serious. Glaucoma is a kind of disease which will lead to blindness at any time. The common eye disease owns complicated features. The intraocular pressure intermittently or persistently rise more than the level of the eye can tolerate. The degree of each part to eyeball organization and visual function damage will lead to a narrow field of vision. The optic atrophy decreases visual acuity. When you get the glaucoma, your myopia will get serious which will affect your eyes vision to some degree. You may see things in blurry vision. You'd better do something to protect the eyes. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should have the good rest and keep good diet to release your glaucoma.