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Is it bad to sleep with eyeliner on?

I draw eyeliner this morning, And now, i am so tired and want to sleep. Can i just go to bed without removing the eyeliner?
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  • Shavonda D


    You should remove the eyeliner before going to bed. Because you will not know what will you do when you are sleeping with the eyeliner on your eyes. Maybe you can have a sound sleep with the eyeliner, but do you know that maybe you will rub your eyes during sleeping, which means you will let the eyeliner into your eyes and then your eyes are easily get infected. In addition, you know the makeup often clogs pores and adds some chemicals on your skin, which will make your skins around your eyeshadow age faster and faster. I think you do not want to get the result. If you are really tired, you can prepare some makeup remover wipes, such as the Garnier brand, and then you can clean off the eyeliner with it quickly. Hope my suggestions help you.
  • Savannah taylor


    I suggest you not do this. Although you may feel no bad effects in a short time. Since the eyeliner made from some chemicals and minerals,l It is not good for the skin around your eyes. In serious condition, it may lead to some eye problems like infection or stye. So. Just keep healthy life style and wash the eyeliner out before you go to bed.
  • Bob Witek


    You'd better not go to bed with the eyeliner in the face. The eyes makeup contains a lot of chemical materials which will make the skin around the eyes get sensitive. Thus you'd better wash the makeup in the face clearly before you go to bed. No matter how tired you are before the sleep, you should do this. Or else, the eyes makeup will get into your eyes which will let your eyes get infection. At the same time, it is not good for the skin around the eyes.
  • wesley


    From what I can see, you have just been wrong, for it would be unwise for you to sleep with those eyeliner on. The point is that those eyeliners are made up of chemicals and may be easily got into your eyes , leading to pink eyes, uncomfortable feelings, even an infection. Thus, it would be nice to take them off and thoroughly wash your face before going to bed. Hope you find this useful.