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Can you wear sunglasses while playing soccer?

Is it OK to wear sunglasses when i play soccer? Have you do that? Or is it bad for eyes?
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  • Aaron may


    Ok, it seems that you want to play soccer with sunglasses. I can, you want to get rid of those sparkling sunshine huh? which might harm your eyes and affect your vision. Anyway, you could try some sports sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to sunshine. However, you gotta be careful because it would be somewhat dangerous for you to play soccer with sunglasses. But it is ok if you keep a low profile on the football pitch.
  • Robert ja


    It is not a good idea for you to wear the sunglasses when you play soccer. Although your eyes may be protected from the uv rays and strong sun lights outside, you may find it is not convenient to play soccer with the sunglasses. Once it is broken, it may hurt your eyes. I strongly suggest you not to wear the sunglasses while playing soccer.
  • Debra Havel


    Generally speaking, it is ok to wear sunglasses while playing soccer. In common, sunglasses are made of plastic material, so it can be light on your eyes. When you are playing soccer, it will be convenient. And also, by wearing them, it can protect your eyes from strong sunlight and uv rays, which can hurt your eyes, leading to some eye diseases. So you can have a try. But on the other hand, you should keep your glasses be clean.