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What do hooded eyes look like?

I heard somebody talked about hooded eyes. I just wonder what does people look like with hooded eyes.
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  • erraticgothles


    Well, it can make your eyes look ugly when you have hooded eyes. And first you should know that when we get older, the muscles of the forehead lose their tone. And then it will lead to a drooping of the eyebrows. At that moment, it makes the eye seem 'hooded' and we say the hooded eyes. According to some doctors, for the treatment, the common way is to have a surgery. For example, you can take the mini-brow lift, which is an operation that lifts the brows and smoothes out the forehead. Also, you can just eat more fruits and vegetables to treat it.
  • crusanov


    Unfortunately, I am hooded eyes. That means the skin between brows and upper eyelids drops down and almost covers the upper lids. The status will be more serious as old because of aging of skin around the area. but hooded eyes are attractive when people are young, such as Paris Hilton who have beautiful hooded eyes. Facial massage can improve or delay the situation. And cosmetic surgery is also another good choice.
  • Kelly eddy


    Many people may confuse the hooded eyes and droopy eyelids. There exists the big difference. The hooded eyes are born to be with the little outstanding part under the eyes. The hooded eyes are regarded as the beautiful things to make people seem more beautiful. The hooded eyes will make the eyes look more big and outstanding which are owned by many famous stars.