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What kind of glasses does Will Smith wear in hancock?

Have you seen the movie Hancock? Do you remember the glasses that Will Smith wears? What kind of eyeglasses does he wear? I want the real answer.
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  • Melanie smith


    Well, I can see that you are quite interested in what Will Smith wears in the movie, and personally speaking, i find them very cool and amazing, which makes his quite awesome in the show. And the glasses are called aviator glasses, you could get a lot of them over Amazon or eBay, where awesome products gather round, here is a link, hope you find it useful.
  • hall


    The style that Will is wearing in Hancock is so cool which attract a lot of fans. The sunglasses he wears in Hancock is the Oliver Peoples' Virtuoso which looks so cool. The eyeglasses is so creative at the design. The design of the eyeglasses is so cool which can be suitable to mens faces due to its bold look and tear drop shape. They can be matched with the clothing in the movie to make Will Smith look like a superman who is so excellent at the appearance. In other movies, Will Smith once worn the Ray-Ban 2030 Predator sunglasses which is also fantastic at the design. These types of sunglasses receive a lot of people's favors which become the hot types in this year. The designer sunglasses are really excellent at some types.

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