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How to relieve pain from a scratched cornea?

My eyes feel pain because of a scratched cornea. Can you tell me how to relieve it?
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  • duncan


    If you feel pain, you can eat some simple painkillers, such as Tylenol. However, to relieve it, you must take some measures to cure it. You should use antibiotic eye drops every day to prevent it from swelling. Also, you have to wear a patch over the eyes while it heals to protect it. The time of healing is about one days .
  • Brooke


    You can drip antibiotic eye drops or medicated eye drops to relieve pain and prevent inflammation. Do not rub your eyes and do not wear contacts unless your eyes recover completely. If you go out, you had better wear sunglasses in case of the glare of the sun to ease pain.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Well, generally speaking, if you have scratched corneal, it will be very dangerous. So in my opinion, you should try some ways to treat it. For example, you may take some warm cloth on your eyes and do a warm compress on your eyes. In that way, it can relieve the symptom. Also, just have some medicine from the doctor. also, wearing eye patch can be effective. By wearing an eye patch, it can be bothersome, but doing so will insure a speedy recovery for scratched corneas. When you have scratched eyes, it is easy for your eyes to be infected by some irritants, or pollution. So just be careful about it.

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