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Alisa O.


Why do i get swollen eyes after eyelash extensions ?

I get swollen eyes after using eyelash extensions. Does eyelash extension cause swollen eyes?
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  • Sara scott


    Well, yes, it is possible to have swollen eyes after you have used eye lash extensions. As we know that eyelash extensions are applied directly to the natural eyelash with a bonding agent. And in this way, it can be very dangerous, because these bonding agents and glues are irritants. Definitely, it can make your eyes feel discomfort. And in some serious situation, it can lead to eye infection and do some damage to your eyes. For example, it can lead to red eyes and swollen eyes because of the eye infection. So you should pay more attention to the danger of them.
  • Michelle


    It's possible to get swollen eyes after using eyelash extensions actually. There are a few reasons to give rise to this symptom. One of them is, maybe your skin is allergy to the brand of eyelash that you used. You can choose another brand of eyelash. However, if you still have this problem after trying various brands of eyelash, I advise you not to use eyelash anymore because your skin belongs to allergic skin. The other reason is infection. As we know, many eyelash extensions are made of inferior animal hairs or even polluted by bacteria. As you rub your eyes, these bacteria will immerse into your eyes silently. Therefore, you'd better keep away from eyelash extensions for a period of time, and you might feel changes. Thanks for reading.
  • ellochkablecy


    Yes, it is the eyelash extension that causes your swollen eyes because of the inner stimulating irritates. Although your eyes will look big and the eyelashes will be longer, you may get eye infection because of the eyelash extension. Thus, you'd better not use it for the protection of your eyes which are always the weak part.

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