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what kind of glasses does barry weiss wear ?

Can you tell me what kind of glasses does barry weiss wear? Where can i find the same one?
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    West Coast Chopper glasses just the brand you gonna find. Although it is really rarely to find, I guess you can get such a pair of glasses at walmart. As the world's third largest public corporations and the largest retailer in the world, walmart always obtains its advantages and makes people live better. Just as its slogan said"Save money, Live better", walmart's aims really came true. Walmart provides a large amount of electronics, home furnishings, video games, baby gear and more, so you can get anything you want at walmart included fitover sunglasses.
  • walkinawayfromu


    Well, it seems that you like his glasses quite a lot. So, as a matter of fact, from what I can see, his glasses is quite unique, its shape is between nerd glasses, and aviator glasses, which is quite strange and rare. Therefore, what you need to do is to remember his type of glasses and bring it to the optical center for help, here I recommend Lenscrafter to you, which has got good customized service.
  • Alfie



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