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Edward White


Can sleeping in your contacts make you go blind?

I heard that is it bad to sleep with contact lenses in eyes. It may cause infection and even lead blind. Is that true? Can sleeping with contacts lead to blindness?
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  • walkingalone00


    Even though your eyes will not go blind with the contacts on while sleeping, the experts strongly suggest you had better not. You know when you are working or studying in daytime, there is much dust and dirty entering your eyes and attached to your lenses. If you do not put off the lenses while sleeping, the poor lens hygiene can lead to a range of nasty eye ailments, which will result in the infection of the cornea, especially the clear frontal part of the eye where lenses sit, for example, you are more easily to get pink eyes than other contacts wearer. What’s more, if you always sleep with contacts on and also you will not clean your contacts and eyes, the hygiene problem will lead to the permanent damage of your vision(pls get noted that the damage of vision is different with the blind). Friendly tips: do not sleeping with contacts on although it will not make your eyes blind.
  • Ryan


    Yes, it is true. If you should not sleep with the contact lenses in the eyes which will make your eyes get dry and at the same time it will make your eyes easy to get infection and inflammation. After the day's sleep, your eyes may be sticky with the contact lenses. You should take care of this seriously. If you always do this, too dryness and infection will cause your eyes to get blindness finally.
  • walkingalone00


    Well, generally speaking, sleeping with contact lenses can lead to eye irritation, but it can not lead to blindness. So you do not need to worry about it. On the other hand, you are still not supposed to have contact lenses when you are sleeping. In common, some studies have show that contact lens wearers are more likely than non-wearers to suffer from irritated eyes. And if you wear them to sleep, it's more likely to be irritated. Infection is usually painful, and may cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light. So if your eyes have been irritated, the first thing you should do is to go and see a doctor. Anyway, take off the contact lenses before go to bed.

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