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Can eyelash extensions cause eye infections ?

IS it possible to get eye infections because of using eyelash extensions? Why or why not?
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  • Christine Reed


    Eyelash Extensions can only cause eye infections when done improperly. Here is how to check your lash extensions.Take a toothpick and pick through your lashes if they get stuck the eyelash extensions are done improperly. Look for certified lash places that use either Novalash or Extreme lash glue these are not unsafe for your lashes some places use random glues that are not for lashes at all. Check out this yahoo article for more information.
  • Zoe may


    Well, it seems that you like to apply eyelash extensions on a regular basis. Yes, of course, it is likely to make your eyes appear more attractive in the first place. However, as you can see, eyelash extensions are made up of chemicals which are irritative and could damage your eyes to some extent, even some infections, such as pink eyes. So I recommend that you try to use less of them.
  • walker67


    Well, of course you may get eye infection because of eyelash extension. According to some researches, eyelash extensions are applied directly to the natural eyelash with a bonding agent. And these bonding agents and glues are made of chemicals, so they can carry some bacteria and virus into your eyes, and make your eyes be infected easily. In that case, your eyes may also be red and bloodshot. Sometimes, dry eyes and watery eyes will occur. So anyway, you should pay more attention to it. And do not use fake eyelashes too often.
  • Luis lewis


    Yes, it is possible to get the eye infections because of using eyelash extensions because of the inner mechanical materials which will stimulate the eyes surrounding skins. You'd better not use the eyelash extensions often. Once you get the infections, you'd better use eye drops to release the symptom and get rid of the infectious parts in the eyes.