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Caleb murphy


What to do when I get hit in the eye with a baseball?

It hurts that a baseball hit on my forehead and eyes. What can i do now to release the pain?
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  • Robert murphy


    Well, if you get hit in your eyes, it is possible to have black eyes. And that can lead to pain, swelling in your eyes. First, you should know that a black eye is the result of bleeding underneath the skin around your eye. So your eyes are hit, it can cause the blood flow not smooth. First, you can put on ice on your eyes so that it can cool them. Just do this for several times. And, remember that you need to be very careful when icing your black eye. The area around your eye is very, very sensitive, and it's already been infected by some other irritants. And then you can use a warm cloth to compress your eyes, so the blood can flow smoothly, and the swelling will disappear. Of course, avoiding the water getting into your eyes is also important. In the end, having a good rest is also essential.
  • Andrea


    Oh my god, it must be very painful right? Generally speaking, a baseball hit you in the forehead and eyes would give rise to a couple of lumps or bruised eyes anyway, which could be terrible in appearance. So, your immediate priority is to take some effective and timely treatment, some medical care and band aids perhaps, just go to the clinic for treatment ok? You simply do not know how to deal with the would. Maybe you should firstly put some ice bags on the spot.
  • Russ


    It is very painful when you get the hit from the baseball on the forehead and eyes. You'd better use some warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom to avoid the swelling eyes. You could also adopt some ointment to get rid of the inflammation on the eyes surrounding parts.