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What are benefits of warm compress on eyes?

If i take warm compress on my eyes, what benefits can i get for my eyes?
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  • Joanne McAlpine


    Well, generally speaking, there are many benefits of warm compresses including, moving out waste, and reducing inflammation. Also, it can increase oily substance drainage and bring in natural healing substances. In this way, it can do a good job to the dry eyes, puffy eyes, eye pain, even the eye infection. So you can just try warm compresses when you have some eye problems.
  • b2jb


    Warm compress has an effect of relieving some extravasated blood of eyes, eliminating black circles and relieving eye fatigue. If there is nothing wrong with your eyes, you had better not apply warm compress, especially under the condition of inflammation or conjunctivitis. Warm compress can expand the blood vessels and promote the circulation of blood. People usually apply warm compress on the eyes when subcutaneous eyelid has extravasated blood or one or two days after the conjunctiva hemorrhage occurs or in the early period of hordeolum.
  • Kevin lee


    There are several advantages of warm compress on the eyes. First of all, it may let you feel comfortable at the eyes. Secondly, when you have the swelling eyes because of the too much intake of water before the sleep, you could use the warm compress on the eyes to release the symptom. Thirdly, when you get the eye infection, you could use the warm compress on the eyes to make the bacterium out of the eyes because of the high temperature. Fourthly, it can unblock the blood vessels around the eyes. In a word, the warm compress is such a good way for the eyes to feel comfortable in the daily life which will at the same time protect the eyes surrounding skin. In addition, when you feel tired after a day work, you could use the warm compress to relax the eyes surrounding parts which will make you feel so comfortable.