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Where to buy glases like Dumbledore wears?

What type of glasses does Dumbledore wear? Where can i find it?
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  • handxrxtied


    It is the half-moon eyeglasses that Dumbledore wears. He looks so smart when wearing the glasses which will add another different charm. If you want to buy such type, you could go to the online stores to have a look. You could go to several reputable online stores, like visionwork, amazon and other places.
  • Dazza


    Well, it seems that you are quite fascinated by Dumbledore , maybe just his glasses. So, anyway, as you can see the type of glasses Dumbledore wears in the movie Harry Potter is round eyeglasses, with metal frames. Generally speaking, you are not likely to find those glasses with ease for the time being, because they are kinda out of date. However, if you have a look at Alibaba, which has lots of glasses, maybe you would succeed.
  • tommy


    The glasses that Dumbledore worn is half moon glasses. As one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters, Dumbledore is an esteemed professor and mentor to Harry. This pair of glasses can display wise and knowledge of Dumbledore. you can find it on the internet. here is the link: