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Can crying change your eye color?

Is it possible to change your eye color when you cry? Why or why not?
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  • Jen


    I have brown/green hazel eyes and my eyes go from looking more brown to bright green when I cry. So it is very possible for eyes to change color when you cry. I've also noticed they look more green when I'm not feeling well or tired.
  • Jen


    My eyes do the same thing when I cry. They are brown/green hazel. They usually look more brown; but when I cry, they turn bright green. Up close they when calm, the iris is green with a ring of brown around the pupil in a starburst shape.
  • David garcia


    Well, yes, it is possible for your eyes to change color when you cry, for your eyes color can change with emotions. Generally speaking, when you are sad, concerned, worried, and have cried, the color of your eyes will become Light grey and light blue. And you should know that color change in your eyes is caused by blood pressure. So when you are clam, your eyes' color can change to grey. And in embarrassed or excited situation, your blood goes faster through the veins. And then when you calm down, the blood then goes slower. So it can make your face red and also, your eyes change color. Anyway, it's very normal to have this situation. And you should not be too worried about it. If you do not make your eyes change color frequently, you may go and see a doctor.
  • Savannah


    It seems to me that you are not very content with the color of your eyes. As a matter of fact, there are simply no natural ways to change the color except some risky surgeries. Because the color of our eyes are decide by our genes and their composition, which is not to be changed. However, if you really have a desire to change, I recommend colored contact lenses to you, which could give you the desired effect. Alibaba has got a lot of nice contacts with different colors.
  • Georgia


    Normally my irises are a pale grayish-blue, but when the whites of my eyes are red my irises look bright turquoise. I wish they could be that color without the red!
  • Tina


    My eyes change to green when I cry too. Also when I am with a man I love. Weird, I know. True.
  • Marissa


    It is not possible to change your eye color when you cry because eye color is depended by the quantity of pigments in the iris and the color of the iris differs with race. If the color of the eye is abnormal, you should pay attention to the latent diseases such as malignant anmia. When you cry, you may find out your eyes turn red, but it does not mean cry changes your eye color. The red eyes are just caused by the hyperemia of the blood capillary of ocular region due to the fluctuation of mood and the increasing eye pressure in the course of crying. Also, occasional cry can help wash your eyes, but frequent cry does harm to eyes.
  • Christina


    Yes eye color does change. My eyes started changing from blue to green when I was 12 years old. They look like they change color back and forth on a daily basis but then I realised that the outer ring remains blue. And I dont know if its due to the reflection of the water but on rainy days or when I get teary eyed my eyes will turn gray. That's what I was always being told. I finally remembered to check for the eye color change and sure enough. Gray eyes look awesome