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Aaron may


Why do i see stars after rubbing my eyes?

My eyes felt itching. I rubbed my eyes. But i saw stars when i rubbed my eyes. Why?
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  • Patricia


    Yeah, it is totally common. Apart from rubbing your eyes, when you just make your eyes exposed under the strong light, you will find that you can see some stars. As we all know if you do the two things above, you are pressing on the cones in your eyes, when your dear eyes will be activated by pressure or by the strong light. And then the message go through your brain that the cones have received a signal, which has been activated, finally your brain tells you that you see the beautiful stars. At the medical field, there is a term to describe it-- pressure phosphene. At some time, it is a little uncomfortable, if you want to clear the problem, you can just close your eyes and open them again, and then the pressure phosphene will disappear. In a word, you should make your eyes have enough rest and if the problem still annoys you, you can go to hospital to ask the doctor for help. Good luck.
  • walkendeath


    When you rub your eyes, you may make the eye nerves intense in the eyes. You will find that your eyes may feel itching because of the coming bacterium. You will feel blurry at the sight which will make you feel like seeing the stars in the eyes. You'd better have a good rest for the eyes. Then this temporary symptom will get release.
  • Cameron


    Well, it is normal to have this kind situation. And in my opinion, it has something to do with the vestibular system. As we know that the vestibular system has to do with balance. According to some researches, movement, especially rapid or sudden movement, such as rubbing your eyes, can cause the water to shift and trigger the hair like structures to send signals to the brain. And then it sends signals to the eyes and limbs aimed at restoring your balance and sense of place in the world. so after rubbing your eyes, your vision and sense of place gets messed up for a while, and at that time, you will see stars. But you should not worry about it and it can disappear in a second.

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