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Can i wear contacts with a corneal abrasion?

I was diagnosed with corneal abrasion. Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses, or it will worsen my corneal abrasion?
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  • Faith fergus


    No, it is not ok for you to wear the contact lenses when you have the corneal abrasion. A scratched cornea is called a corneal abrasion in medical terms. It can be very painful. A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the clear surface of the eye that covers the colored portion of the organ known as the iris. A scratch on the cornea can potentially be very serious. But it is lucky that it helps that the cornea is the fastest-healing tissue in the human body. If you insist to wear the contact lenses, the eyes will lose the water and prevent the healing process for the abrasive corneal. Thus, you'd better not wear the contact lenses which will make the situation of corneal abrasion become worse.
  • Logan


    I advise you not to wear contact lenses when you are diagnosed with corneal abrasion. As contact lenses have a poor breathability and they almost attach to the cornea so that the cornea could not get into contact with the air, which make eyes itchy. Worse still, soft contact lenses adsorb the protein, lipid and collagen in the tears and make them deposit in the surface of lens, breeding germs, as a consequence, cornea hydroncus, response of corneal newborn blood vessel and anaphylaxis occur, which do harm to the cornea and conjunctiva. Therefore, you had better not wear contact lenses at this moment, otherwise it will worsen your corneal abrasion.
  • green


    You gotta be kidding me man! I mean, before you make any decisions in your life, you should consider a lot of factors ,including your health conditions. Now that your eyes are in critical conditions, how can you take the risk to wear contact lenses, regardless of your cornea abrasion which is quite serious. I mean, the consequence maybe blindness. Think about it! I mean, what you need is not contacts, but immediate and effective treatment and medical assistance.
  • Ginny G


    It is NOT safe to wear contact lenses if the eye has a corneal abrasion. Your medical eye professional, HOWEVER, may give you a “CONTACT LENS BANDAGE” to insert for protection

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