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Can i wear contacts with a scratched cornea?

Is it OK to wear contact lenses with a scratched cornea? Will it make my cornea more serious?
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  • george


    No, you could not wear the contact lenses. You'd better let the eyes nicked and breathe the fresh air. If you keep on wearing the contact lenses, you may make the eyes get dry which will make the cornea get more serious. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You could wear the eyeglasses to get the right vision.
  • Christina


    Well, actually, it all depends. As far as I know, by wearing contact lenses, your sracthed cornea would be more worse because your fragile eyes couldn't afford to withstand such damage from contacts., such as blindness, or bleeding. However, choosing to wear eye glasses for visual aids may be your alternative. Therefore, you had better stay away from contact lenses before you are fully recovered and do not do anything stupid.
  • Andri


    Of course not, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses when you have scratched eyes. As we know that when you want to wear contact lenses, you have to open your eyes and apply the lens into your eyes. In other words, the lens directly touches with your eye ball. So when there is a scratch in your eyes, it can be hurt when you apply the contact lenses into it. Also, it can just make the bruise get injury again. And then the scratch can be infected by the bacteria which are brought by the contact lenses. And then it can make the situation worse. Maybe in some serious cases, it can just make your red, and having eye infection. and finally slow down the recovery of the scratch.