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Can sodium chloride be used as an eyewash?

Can i use sodium chloride to wash my eyes? Is it bad for eyes?
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  • CeCe Bazel


    Of course yes, it can be used as eyewash. Minims saline is single-use eye drops containing sodium chloride 0.9%. This is a solution of salt in water at the same concentration as is found normally in the body. This kind of eye drops have no physiological effect, they are simply used to wash out irritants, harmful substances or superficial foreign bodies from the eye. If there is any solution left in the minim after use it should be discarded and not kept for future use, as it is likely to become contaminated with dirt or germs. Like other eye drops, your vision may be blurred after dropping the drops in. It has another function that is useful with hard and soft contact lenses.
  • A.L


    Holyshit, you must be kidding me! As a matter of fact, sodium chlor is one of the main fire extinguishers in the world. You should know that sodium chlor is used to put out fires and is highly irrigative and even toxic! At any rate, you must not be that stupid to wash your eyes with that. You may suffer blindness if you ever risk doing this out of curiosity!
  • Shavonda D


    No, you should not use the sodium chloride to wash your eyes although the sodium chloride has the role of eliminating the inflammation parts. Only using the sodium chloride to wash the eyes may make your eyes get hurt and feel uncomfortable. If your eyes don't feel comfortable from the wearing of the contact lenses, you could use the eye drops to release the symptom of uncomfortable eyes.

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