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Are knockoff sunglasses bad for my eyes?

Is it OK to wear knockoff sunglasses? Are knockoff sunglasses bad for my eyes?
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  • William edward


    As we know,knockoff sunglasses have poor quality such as poor materials and workmanship.So,in my opinion,knockoff sunglasses are bad for your eyes.There are some reasons to support this point.Firstly,the lens of sunglasses may not be shatterproof and could damage your eyes in accidents because it couldn't provide adequate UV protection.Secondly,your eyes may decrease the accommodation to the light because of the long time cover under the gray lenses. What's more,lens of knockoff sunglasses would be distorted and will cause headache.Therefore,put knockoff sunglasses away!
  • constans


    Well, actually, according to some of their information about them, I can see that they are not well developed and seems to be struggling. So, it remains a question whether their sunglasses are of great quality, however, by wearing sunglasses simply would do no harm to our eyes. Maybe their quality is a problem. So, you might as well try some other sunglasses.