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What are benefits of rooibos tea on eyes?

I heard that rooibos tea is good thing for eyes. So, what the benefit can i get from drinking rooibos tea?
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  • Zoe may


    The rooibos tea richly contains copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, potassium fluoride and other mineral substances. The long-term drinking can help alleviate and treat insomnia, fidgety, headache, constipation, nervous, joint and pain symptoms such as high blood pressure and stomach fatty liver. The rooibos tea needs the condition of a sandy, acid and loose soil. It requests rainwater enough. And its seeding time is between March. Then in august it will transplant in farm management. From seedling transplantation, it will need 18 months time to harvest. It can harvest 2-3 times. After that, the land must again be ploughed. After 5 years, it can be grown again. It is not easy to get and it is really healthy for the body and the eyes. You could prepare some in your office.
  • Andrea lester


    It has been studied that rooibos have a lot of antioxidantstea, which are very beneficial for humans. Antioxidants can protect human's body from a variety of diseases. For example, it can slow the ageing process, prevent cancer and lower the risk of heart disease. So it is true that rooibos are very good for human's health, but the benefits for the eyes, there no more research by now, maybe not so obvious.
  • Anome


    Actually, rooibos tea is becoming more and more popular at present, you should know that rooibos tea is a special plant that is naturally grown in South Africa. It is famous and renowned for its wonderful effects which could help us improve our health condition in many ways, because they are rich in a lot of minerals and vitamins, many of which are beneficial to our eyes, such as vitamin A and C. Hope you find this useful.