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Are strobe lights bad for my eyes?

Someone told me that strobe lights harm my eyes? Is that true?
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  • Ana


    The strobe lights can often be found in the cameras or other electric products. The strobe lights can issue a strong light in a very short time. It is the photosensitive photography accessory used in dark places for instant lighting. However, it will not harm your eyes if you are an adult. But it really works bad for the children whose eyeballs are not developed in mature state. Their retinal and pupil are not developed well. That can't stand such strong lights in a second. Thus, you'd better get such light to light on the children which may damage their eye sight.
  • Paige


    Welding is often involved in our life, it can generate very stimulating even harmful strong lights, especially when it flashes quickly. So this is absolutely dangerous to our eyes. However, most often the stobe light that we encounter is not welding light, but generated by cameras when we take photos. Compared to welding light, camera strobe is not so harmful, because its intensity is much less. But on the contrary, very often exposion into it, eyes also fell uncomfortable, or even painful, so this is when you have to avoid further effects. So, occasional using of camera strobe lights will not harm your eyes. Do not forget to protect eyes from varied aspects, such as sit up straight, and keep necessary space between any screen.

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