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Justin fergus


What color clothes look best with blue eyes?

My eyes are blue and just wonder what color clothes will go with my eyes?
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  • Carlos


    Well, if you have blue eyes, it can be very nice to have some dresses. So you do not need to worry about the dress affair. There is many colors’ dress you can choose for your eyes. For example, you can look for vivid primary colors including blue reds, royal blues, emerald greens and lemon yellows. Also, Icy pastels will complement your coloring while bringing out your eyes. Anyway, you should just go for saturated colors that can contrast your face and make your big, blue eyes become more beautiful focus. Besides, a blue silk dress in a shade that is similar to your eye color can be also striking. Maybe you can have a try.
  • Joseph


    It depends on your value of beauty. If you have no idea what color of clothe match you, you can choose black clothes. Most of people with blue eyes look good in black clothes. If you have your unique appreciation on fashion or beauty, you can try on other colored clothes. In fact, there is no much relation ship between eye color and clothes colors. What you should do is match your clothes properly. So, just go ahead.
  • Caitlin owen


    As your eyes are blue, blue eyes will be bright and light than black and brown colors. In my opinion, the bright-colored clothes will suit your eyes. You know if it will go with the clothes, beside your eyes, your skin is another decided factor in the colors. Your skin must be fair, and this kind of skin is well suit with every color's clothes. No matter you are men or women, red, yellow, green as well as blue clothes itself will be well suit of your eyes. Be brave, choose the contrast color with the trend of colors, it will bring you fresh and neat appearance to every person around you.
  • Adam peters


    1. If you are a girl, here is my suggestions: one piece of black dress. black top + blue shorts + red high heels white top + black/green/red/orange shorts + sneakers 2. If you are a boy, a little bit differences: black t-shirt + grey slacks + blue/black sneakers white t-shirt + black/grey slacks + black sneakers Hope these will help.