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Christopher giles


Why are silhouette glasses so expensive?

I find silhouette glasses cost so much, what makes them so expensive? Are they worth the price?
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  • Dave


    Are silhouette eyewear considered fashionable today?
  • b1t3_m3_8748


    Well, I have to say that they are actually expensive for many people. But on the other hand, you also need know why they are so expensive. First, you should know that they are the lightest eyewear in the world, while they are also mostly handcrafted in an individual design, employing the best materials and the latest technologies. In that way, it makes itself well known by many people. At the same time, from the high-tech polymer composition, SPX, to pure titanium, any Silhouette eyewear is lightweight and flexible, perfect for all day. We can say that they are light as a feather. Also, the basic characters are highly elastic, allergy free, dimensionally stable. So they are worth the money, maybe you can have a try too.
  • Bill


    I.m looking for Silhouette glasses 7549 40 6051 55 17
  • Vidadimir


    I just search online and find that most of silhouette glasses are sold over $200 for a pair of glasses frames. You know, that most of eyeglasses brands priced high for their eyeglasses. Though we can't deny that they are made of good quality materials, it is not the reason for expensive prices. It is also because, maybe their famous flame or brands. Anyway, I think you should ask this question to who sold the silhouette glasses.


    Well, you should know that Silhouette glasses is an Austrian brand which is dedicated to making glasses of different types. It claims to be making the lightest glasses in the world since the weight is designed to be minimized you know? And as a luxrury brand, it deserves the prices I suppose. Their quality and perfect design make them one of the best also the most expensive glasses in the world.
  • cook


    With its exquisite design and high-quality technology, silhouette glasses has always been one of the most famous brand in glasses industry. Silhouette only focuses on rimless fames since its foundation in the 1960s. And titanium is the only material for its fames, which makes the frames lightweight, flexible and attractive. In 2000, Silhouette was selected as the glasses for astronauts of NASA. You can view all selection of Silhouette on its website and purchase from local authorized lens stores. Buying glasses, Silhouette first choice!
  • FloraDom


    They really are. They last a long time and never seem to date. They can be reglazed many times when your prescription changes.
  • Bryan Kennedy


    In my opinion, as a purchaser of sihouette frames for over ten years, absolutely NOT! I was talked into my second pair by an optician who said, "here...these have two prongs into the lenses, so they won't break as easily. This was after repairing my original glasses three times because the metal (titanium?)cracked where they attached to the lenses. After taking his advice on a new pair that had TWO attachments to the lenses, I bought my second pair. And, lo and behold, they broke too, but when I went back to have them repaired, I was told "oh, they have been discontinued" and therefore he could NOT repair them. OK. So much for silhouette. Never, never again!!!! Beware!

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