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Are all oakley sunglasses uv protected?

I have never bought oakley sunglasses and i want to have a try. Does anyone know if all oakley sunglasses have uv protection?
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  • Andrea lester


    Yes, all Oakley sunglasses have UV protection. As we know that Oakley sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses which are wildly used in outdoor activities. So it is normal for them to have UV protection. For example if you want to go outside to play basketball or go to the beach to have surfing, they will do a good job for you. Just go to the store and purchase a pair, and then have a try.
  • William edward


    I am not sure if all oakley sunglasses are uv protected. But i believe they are. If you afraid of bought oakley sunglasses that won't provide UV protection, you can ask their service if the sunglasses provide UV protection. As far as i could know, oakley sunglasses are focus on sports sunglasses. So most of their sunglasses are polarized that can also fitter glares. It is worthy to have try.
  • coppercoconut19


    Yes, all Oakley sunglasses have the uv protection which you can tell from the mark on the frame. The Oakley sunglasses may be high at the price. You could buy them from the online store which may save you a little money. Their design is fashionable. You could buy one and wear when you are out.
  • Elijah leslie


    I think oakley sunglasses have uv protection, if no, it would not to protect your eyes, it must be fake! No matter what brand of famous and superior sunglasses, they all have the common characters. We can not give you the tip for the 100% assurance to define it is uv protected or not, but we still have some points for you to choose the right one. Firstly, the best sunglasses have the great anti-ultraviolet function which would prevent the 99% ultraviolet. Wearing such kind of sunglasses, your pupil will keep the same no matter indoor or outdoor, in dark or bright place. Secondly, it will be very clear of the vision when you wearing the real sunglasses, your eyes will be comfortable and relax. Thirdly, the real sunglasses will be strong and durable. Hope you find the suitable sunglasses for yourself, as you make the decision, you can try to wear for a second to see if it is ok and comfortable, then pick the best one for youself.

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