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DEREK Garrana


How much are tag heuer sunglasses and where to buy?

What's your opinion about tag heuer sunglasses ? Do you think they are worth the buying. How much do they often cost. Where can i buy these sunglasses?
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  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    I just search it through internet and find some sites provide tag heuer sunglasses. It is really expensive, i think. The cheapest tag heuer sunglasses required over $200. There are also some charges over $300. What's more, some of tag heuer sunglasses are priced at over $1000. It is really expensive. Here is the sites:
  • Anome


    Well, I have to say they are kind of expensive. For the prices, because they have different kinds of types, the prices are different too. But it can cost you at least 100 dollars. And the high price can be more than 2000 dollars. So we can say they are the luxury goods for some people. So if you are not someone who wants the luxury goods, I will not suggest you to buy them. Of course, there are many online stores, such as
  • Sara


    Although the tag heuer sunglasses are so expensive, they are worthy to buy because of the good quality and fashionable design. The cheap one may be charged at about $300. About the expensive one, I think it is about $800. You could go to the amazon to have a look. There are some tag heuer sunglasses.
  • Makayla


    You should know that Tag Heuer is a brand which is dedicated to the selling of genuine designer sunglasses. As authorised dealers of the majority of leading brand designer sunglasses, and combined with our experience in the retail of eyewear products. Generally speaking they are quite expensive and you have to pay more than 300 dollars for each pair, you can buy them through mail order on their website