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Does smoking weed cause lazy eye?

I know smoking weed will bring harm to our eyes. I just wonder if smoking will cause lazy eyes?
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  • Calvin


    Yes, smoking can cause lazy eyes. So you should give up, if you smoke. First, you should know that by smoking, it can produce cyanide which is a retinal toxin. And according to some research, Smokers may develop toxic amblyopic problem. So what is Amblyopic? Generally speaking, it is lazy eyes. As we know that Amblyopic can change visible condition in eye health. So in that situation, one eye is not properly aligned or the visual correction needed by one eye is significantly worse than in the other. And also, it can lead to blindness. Anyway, just give up smoking.
  • Miranda


    Yeah, smoking weed a lot is harm both for your eyes and your health. However it will not cause the lazy eyes which are usually born to be when you are young. But if you have the lazy eyes, smoking weed a lot may intensify the eye disease. And smoking may cause the dryness in eyes. You'd better not smoke a lot.
  • elpropio


    No, Although smoking is bad for eyes, but smoking weed won't cause lazy eyes. But if you often smoke, it will contribute your lazy personality. Besides, if you have lazy eyes, smoking too much weed might make your lazy eyes more worse. Anyway, if you want a healthy life, you shall quit smoking.
  • Kelly eddy


    As some studies say, there has more than 750 kinds of chemical contains within cigarette smoke, most of them are toxic substance. From some clinical observation, we can see these toxic substances would directly affect eyes tissues' metabolism, it will lead to vision hypopsia and dyschromasia, Amblyopic or weak sight or so called lazy eyes will also be one of the affect which has been called toxic weak sight, the result will be view lessening, and discrepancies of red, green colors. So, take care, keep away from smoking even smoking environment.
  • Jepfox23