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Can people with glasses wear fake eyelashes ?

I wear glasses and can i wear fake eyelashes. Will i look weird?
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  • Former Employee


    Personally, yes. There is nothing wrong with wear fake eyelashes with eyeglasses. But you must know that your eyelash should not too long that can reach your eyeglasses lenses. Or it may scratches your lenses, or anyway affect your vision. So, you must be choose shorter fake eyelashes. Besides, you can try eyeglasses with nose pad which make make the distance between your eyes and lenses longer so as to allow you wear fake eyelashes. Hope this can help you.
  • candylips167


    Of course you can. There is one more thing that you need pay attention to. It is important to find a suitable length that won't touch your glasses. If your fake eyelashes touch your glasses, you will look weird. So take your time to find proper fake eyelashes to make you look better.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    It will not be weird. I see many people do such make up when they are out. Making the fake eye lashes will make your eyes look bigger and attractive because the glasses used for the vision may cover this point. I think such combination is OK which will make you not look nerd when just wearing the glasses.