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How to remove scratches from ray ban sunglasses?

I LOVE my ray ban aviator sunglasses. However, there are some scratches. What am i supposed to do to remove these scratches without hurting my sunglasses. Any idea?
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  • ejg29


    Well, you are not supposed to remove the scratches by yourself. As we know that ray ban sunglasses are very famous for its good quality and beautiful design. But on the other hand, because they are just glasses, it is hard to remove the scratches on them. if you do it by yourself, it will very dangerous for you to destroy them. In some cases, they can not be worn any more. So just not do it. By the way. They were the first company to actually design eyewear that was intended to protect the eyes from the sun while still looking good. Frames made of carbon fiber are ideal for sunglasses because it allows them to be very lightweight while at the same time being both strong and flexible. This is also the advantage of ray ban sunglasses.
  • David


    It is a pity that there is no way to get the scratches out of the surface of the sunglasses by yourself. The method of using the toothpaste is not working. You can bring it to the eyeglasses store and let the professional workers to do the change of the coating part of the sunglasses. That will be OK.
  • Brook Park


    Scratches Ray-Ban sunglasses can be repaired through various methods such as applying brass or silver polish, toothpaste, water mixed with baking soda, vehicle wax or lemon pledge. Before having the sunglasses repaired by a professional, there are numerous possible home remedies that may repair the scratch. Brass or silver polish can be soaked onto a cotton ball and then rubbed onto the scratch to try to buff the scratch out. It's important to remove any leftover polish, or any applicant for that matter, with a soft, clean cloth, so it doesn't dry and stick to the lens. A similar technique can be used with toothpaste, in fact. Make sure that the toothpaste isn't abrasive and contains no mint flavoring, whitening agents or gel, as greater damage to the lenses could occur. By rubbing the toothpaste into the scratch with a cotton ball and then rinsing off the toothpaste ten seconds later, the scratch may be easily repaired. Mixing one part water with two parts of baking soda is another way to make a paste. The technique is similar to using toothpaste, where rubbing it into the crack and letting it sit for ten seconds before washing it off can help to remove scratches. Vehicle wax and lemon pledge can also be used to buff out scratches. If these techniques do not work, though, the scratches may be too deep to repair with home remedies.
  • arnold


    Usually, If you want to remove the scratches from sunglasses/eyeglasses lenses, most of the ways of removing scratches is to remove their lenses coating. That because the scratches are usually caused by coating. So, i not recommend you to do it. If you want your eyes protected by the ray ban sunglasses, you'd better buy another pair of sunglasses.
  • clark


    Ray ban aviator sunglasses are made by glasses, scratches on glass lenses are almost impossible to get rid of because these blemishes cut deep into the glass itself. The only possibility of removing a scratch in this scenario is if the lenses are treated with a scratch-resistant coating. If so, applying some lens cleaning solution with a microfiber cloth might take care of the problem. But if the lenses are not scratch resistant, you’ll be out of luck.

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