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Jacob adams


How much are clear contact lenses? Where to buy?

I am about to buy clear contact lenses with prescription. I am concerned about the prices? How much do they cost? Where can i get clear contacts with affordable prices?
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  • bell


    About the price of clear contact lenses, it depends on which brand and material of contact lenses you want. Usually the average market price is about $ 70,except the big brand ones. Almost every eyeglasses store owns this type of clear contact lenses with prescription. You could go online to buy one because the price may be a little lower. You could go to the economical and practical Walmart online store to have a look.
  • walerie


    It depend on where you buy. And clear contact lenses is a very common thing and you can find it almost in every eyeglasses shop. But the prices are different from different types of contact lenses. You know there are weekly contact lenses, monthly contact lenses and yearly contact lenses etc. So, how much you require to pay depend on what type of contact lenses you choose. They are not expected to be too expensive. One of my friend have bought it from Costco only costs 27 Bucks!
  • Dylan duncan


    Well, generally speaking, you do not need to worry about the prices, for they are not expensive at all. And of course, the price all depends on what kind of styles you will choose. And also, you can buy them online, so that they can give you the discount. You can link to There are many types you can choose. Besides, Clear contact lenses from Clear lab are leaders in the field of tolerability. They are biocompatible and thus friendlier to the eye than conventional contact lenses. So you can have a try.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    Well, as a matter of fact, it is good for you to opt for clear contacts, for they are generally safer to wear than colored ones. Generally speaking, a pair of them would not cost you a lot and they would be about 60 to 100 dollars, based on different length of duration you know? There are a lot of places where you can get what you want, both physical store and online stores.
  • Sammy Statton


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